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DetectoristApp is the worlds most advanced metal detecting app. Built for metal detectorists by metal detectorists.

The app will track and map your location whilst your are detecting so that you can see where you’ve been but more importantly, where you haven’t been.

A couple of taps on your mobile device will let you photograph your finds and automatically log the date, time and exact location on your own personalised finds map. You can add more details and notes to your log such as depth, signal, etc, there and then or add them later.

If you want to, you can even share your finds live with your detecting buddies. You can choose what you share. Decide if you want to share the exact location, a general location (you decide how accurate) or no location at all.

All of your location data is encrypted so we never know where your finds were located.



Emergency Location Sharing
Metal detecting is very often a remote hobby involving your friends and family not knowing exactly where you are for long periods of time. Many metal detectorists have been caught out in the past after falling over, breaking bones and (on the odd occasion) getting trampled by cows.

Our metal detecting app allows you to configure up to five emergency contacts who you can send a prewritten message to via an SMS text that includes your exact location along with a link to a Google map so that they can easily find you.

GPS Location Logging
Your exact GPS location will be automatically recorded every time you log a new find. This location can easily be edited at the same time as log your find or at a later date.
Encrypted Location Data
You may not mind sharing the location of your best metal detecting sites with a few close friends but we know that you don’t want to share them with people that you don’t know.

For this reason, all of the location data within your account is encrypted so that only you know the location of your finds.

Finds Logging

Keep a permanent record of your metal detecting finds. Log important information such as:-

  • Date
  • Time
  • loaction
  • Title/Name
  • Description
  • Photos
  • Weather Condition
  • Type of Ground
  • Depth
  • Signal
  • + More…
Edit/Delete Finds

Your finds log acts as a database of all of your metal detecting discoveries. You might not always capture the right details on the day or even know what you’ve found! This is why you have the ability to edit the details of your finds, change the location, add new photos,etc as and when you need.

And if your latest medieval annular brooch turns out to be a piece of copper field trash then you can always delete it from your log and pretend it never happend!

Finds Photos

Add up to 10 photos for each of your finds. Take photos directly into the App as you log your find on-site or add, edit or  delete them later.

Add Previous Finds

You don’t need to log all of your metal detecting finds on the day. You can add them when you get back home to the warm and dry. In fact, you can add your previous finds to then App so that you have a full record of your metal detecting glory.

Social Media Sharing

Share the news of your latest finds straight from the App directly to your favourite social media channels. Don’t worry, the find location won’t be shared.

PDF Finds Download

Our PDF Finds Download facility gives you the ability to download a record of all of your finds or you can select specific finds to download in PDF format. Perfect for when you want to share a specific collection of your finds to someone else.

You can chose to show or remove the find location from the PDF download.

Buddy Sharing

Metal detecting ‘Buddy Sharing’ is a great way to let your detecting friends or club members about your latest finds. Simply find and connect with your buddies within the App to instantly notify them of your finds.

You can choose to show the exact find location, show a general area within the closest 100m, 500m, 1km or not show a location at all. 

Detecting tracker

Knowing exactly where you have detected is almost as helpful as knowing where you haven’t detected before. You could have been search the same field for years and always missed a specific part of it.

Our detecting tracker feature will track on your map exactly where you have been so that you can make sure that you never miss a spot.

Want To Be First ?

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